Seems like you're taking a quick break from studying^500

I'm Cam^500

and I will help you to pass the assessment year

I'm currently busy setting everything up for you

So that I can be there for you during the coming semester

I’d love to tell you more

But the time ain't right, yet

However, I could tell you more soon

Should I?

Too bad^500

I've still got a feeling that we'll meet again soon^500

Good luck with your exams!

You are amazing^500

What's your name,
by the way?^500

Pleased to meet you,

I know someone called

So your last name would help me a lot^500

Way better

I will send you an email as soon as I'm ready for you

Just one


Is this your mail address?


We'll catch up later!


I almost forgot

Good luck with your exams! ^1500